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Our Financial Advice Process

Cotter Financial Group prides itself on providing a well-structured financial planning process for our clients.  Our expertise and understanding of your situation allows us to provide a range of advice and services that help you build, manage and protect your wealth.

We will help you achieve this through our regular portfolio review service and independently sourced research.

We strongly believe in the education of our clients to ensure they are in better control of their financial destiny.

    We set out to understand each of our client’s different needs and financial objectives in order to recommend an appropriate financial strategy. There is an established Six Step Financial Planning Process that we follow with every client:

    1. Gather financial information about you.
    2. Identify your financial and lifestyle goals.
    3. Identify your financial issues.
    4. Prepare your financial plan.
    5. Implement your plan.
    6. Review and revise your plan at regular intervals, or when circumstances change.

    Contact us to find out how easy it is to be on the way to “securing your financial future”.

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